Reeplex Commercial Pin Loaded

Pin loaded machines on a gym floor are always one of the most utilised pieces of equipment, this being the case it can be detrimental to a facilities prosperity and member retention if their pin loaded machines are not simple to use and comfortable.

Reeplex being an Australia Brand understands its users and has developed all their pin loaded machines to be high quality and user friendly. Easy to use levers with simple adjustment options are key to ensure maximum user ability. And with the easy access entrance options this allows for a larger more diverse range of users.

All pin loaded machines come with a standard weight stack although with prior arrangement an upgrade is available for facilities with a need for a heavier stack. Reeplex has once again used only commercial grade steel for the framework of the machine to ensure a strong finish. All tubing is made with minimum 3mm thickness and is finished with a premium double powder coating to give that shiny sleek look.

To compliment these stylish machines, all cushioning is completed with double stitching for durability and longevity and has a stylish black look and comfortable feel. All pin loaded machines have a safety cover that almost encompasses the weight stack and a precision centred whole drilled through each weight for a smooth lift every time.

Adjusting your weight quickly is important and with the handy magnetic selector pin this means when the stack is wanted for only minimum weight it can magnetically stick to the top of the stack without falling off or being lost.

Reeplex prides itself on ensuring all their machines are ergonomically sound and this can be said without fail of Iron Series range. With a complete range to suit even the biggest of gym floors, from the simple seated leg extension through to a 5 station pin loaded jungle gym, Reeplex has covered all muscle groups extensively with its variety of pin loaded options.

We here at Dynamo Fitness encourage you to come and see these machines in person in our showrooms and get a feel of what makes Reeplex one of the best Fitness Equipment brands in the country.  

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