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Sting Heavy Duty Figure 8 Lifting Straps
Aluminium Sting Viper Cross Train Speed Skipping Rope
Sting Heavy Duty Lifting Straps
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Sting Elasticised Lifting Wrist Wraps
Sting Elasticised Lifting Wrist Wraps
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Sting Power Pro Wrist Cuffs
Sting Power Pro Lifting Straps
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Sting NEO Lifting Belt 6 InchSting NEO Lifting Belt 6 Inch
Sting NEO Lifting Belt 6 Inch
Sale price$39.99 Regular price$50.00
Sting Power Pro Kevlar Lifting Grips
Sting Power Pro Lifting Hooks
Sting Elasticised Lifting Knee Wraps
Sting Armalite SAS Focus Mitt
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Sting K1 Women Exercise Training GloveSting K1 Women Exercise Training Glove
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Sting M1 Magnum Training Glove
Sting VX1 Vixen Exercise Training Glove
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Sting Eco Leather Lifting Belt 4inchSting Eco Leather Lifting Belt 4inch showing the logo
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Sting VX2 Vixen Exercise Training GloveSting VX2 Vixen Exercise Training Glove
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Xplode Weighted VestXplode Weighted Vest
Xplode Weighted Vest
Sale price$249.99

Sting Boxing Gloves and Gear



Sting Boxing & Sports

Dynamo Fitness is thrilled to align with Sting Boxing, a brand whose boxing gear and gloves are the epitome of excellence in the world of boxing. With a commitment to superior boxing gear tailored for enthusiasts at every level, Sting Boxing integrates premium materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. This dedication makes it the ultimate choice for those looking to dominate the ring.

Featuring a vast and varied array of boxing gear, including Sting Armaplus boxing gloves, state-of-the-art training tools, stylish apparel, and essential accessories, every product is engineered for comfort and performance. The gloves, in particular, stand out for their unmatched protection and coziness, embodying Sting's dedication to craft and quality.

Range of Boxing Gear and Punching Bags

Sting Boxing’s AIBA-approved range, including the coveted Sting IBA Competition Leather Boxing gloves, offers an exceptional choice for competitive boxing milestones. Endorsed by the International Boxing Association, these items are specifically designed to meet the demands of amateur boxing athletes. The elite AIBA collection ensures you can unleash your full potential during training sessions.

Moreover, the Sting evolution in boxing gear, featuring gel fusion technology for the ultimate fusion of protection and performance, enables athletes to elevate their game. As you spar and train, the unparalleled performance of Sting’s offerings, including the STING Australiaᵀᴹ gear, supports your journey to achieve boxing excellence.

Sting - Elite Boxing Accessories and Competition Gear

Dynamo Fitness proudly showcases an extensive top-tier gym equipment lineup. Among our handpicked brands, Sting Sports stands out for its craftsmanship and lasting durability in the boxing arena. Renowned for maximizing protection and unmatched performance, Sting’s boxing gear is meticulously designed for superior quality and comfort.

Our curated range of Sting Boxing gear spans iconic boxing gloves that combine sleek aesthetics. This includes the Sting IBA competition head guard for elevated protection during sparring sessions, groin protectors, precision-focused mitts, the Orion gel open face head guard designed for shock protection and visibility, protective headgear, wrist-supporting hand wraps, and the indispensable mouth guards.

Furthermore, trainers and athletes will appreciate the meticulously designed pads and punch bags and the elasticized quick wraps, a quick alternative to traditional hand wraps. These tools' intuitive design ensures user-friendliness for individuals of all genders, making them ideal for rigorous training sessions.

Sting Boxing Gloves, Protective Gear, Quick Wraps, and More

Originating from Australia, STING has been setting industry standards since 2003 with its broad range that now encompasses MMA gear, coaching essentials, and a variety of accessories. Their unwavering commitment to quality has solidified their reputation in the boxing community.

A testament to their unparalleled quality, STING's close collaboration with AIBA (International Boxing Association Amateur) has seen their equipment, including the AIBA-approved Sting Viper for sparring sessions, featured in esteemed events like the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 

This partnership underscores the brand’s dedication to providing equipment that ensures athletes' hands and wrists are well-protected, allowing them to elevate their training and performance to new heights.

Shop Your Sting Boxing Equipment at Dynamo Fitness

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