foldable squat rack wall mounted
Foldable Wall Squat Rack
Foldable Wall Squat Rack


Foldable Wall Squat Rack

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The ProForm Carbon Strength Foldable Wall Rack is a versatile and compact fitness solution designed to maximize your workout space. With its foldable design, you can easily store the rack when not in use, making it ideal for home gyms or areas with limited space. The Carbon Foldable Wall Rack offers position adjustability, allowing you to customize your workouts. It comes with included J-hooks and safety bars, allowing for easy adjustment between multiple positions. Whether you're performing bench presses, squats, or pull-ups, this rack provides a sturdy and reliable platform for your exercises.

The rack also includes a pull-up bar, which not only allows you to work on your pull-ups but also serves to lock the wall rack into place, ensuring stability and safety during your workouts.  The Carbon Strength Foldable Wall Rack has a weight capacity of 276 kg, accommodating users up to 136 kg in weight and a lift load of 140 kg. This robust weight limit ensures that the rack can support your intense workout sessions and heavy lifting. When folded, the product measures approximately 223 cm in height, 140 cm in width, and 10 cm in depth, making it compact and easy to store. When unfolded, it extends to a height of 223 cm, width of 140 cm, and depth of 100 cm, providing ample space for your workout routines.

Foldable Wall Rack Key Features:

  • Foldable wall rack designed for maximizing workout space
  • Position adjustability for versatile exercises
  • Included J-hooks and safety bars for added convenience and safety
  • Compatible with iFit Family Membership for access to a wide range of live and on-demand workouts
  • A pull-up bar is included for pull-up exercises and to secure the wall rack in place
  • Weight capacity of 276 kg (136 kg user weight + 140 kg lift load)
  • Compact footprint when folded: 223 cm H x 140 cm W x 10 cm D
  • Extended dimensions when unfolded: 223 cm H x 140 cm W x 100 cm D