Reeplex Commercial Plate Loaded

Taking plate loaded gym equipment to the next level, there is no other brand to compare the Reeplex state of the Art Iron series commercial equipment too. Reeplex has gone above and beyond to ensure the latest and best in ergonomics for all their plate loaded machines.

Ensuring their range is complete with 14 fully commercial grade machine options to choose from, this range will take any gym floor to the next level. All plate loaded machines by Reeplex come in a uniform grey and yellow premium two tone powder coating finish and give the gym floor a modern and vibrant vibe.

Not only looking the part but feeling it too, Reeplex has ensured each machines setup is comfortable and practical. Understanding the need to work the muscles on angles and planes that will be safe and effective for all users is extremally important, as incorrect loading on the joints can cause drastic problems throughout the body. This is where Reeplex excels from the framing right through to the seating alignment, providing an ergonomically accurate range of motion.

All plate loaded machines are manufactured with a thick frame to ensure a heavy user rating to suit all trainers. To avoid wear and tear, all upholstery is double stitched with a dense foam underlay to cushion the user and each hand grip is wrapped with rubber for comfort during use.

Reeplex is confident of how well their machines are constructed that it gives buyers a lifetime warranty on its frame for every plate loaded machine manufactured. Being an Australian brand, you can be assured all parts are of commercial grade and will withstand repeated use on any busy gym floor.

Dynamo Fitness Equipment is proud to supply and install all Reeplex Plate Loaded Commercial Equipment Australia Wide and with the new Iron Series becoming a popular gym floor choice in many modern gyms, this series will not disappoint.

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